Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Belmodo internship

So today is officially the end of my internship at Belmodo. 14 weeks ago I started this experience without no expectations and just the need to learn as much as possible. It has been an amazing fashion rollercoaster!

It is definitely not a traditional company, but it is one big happy family! I really want to thank the whole Belmodo team: Angelique, Bieke, MichaĆ«l, Koen & Tiany for this amazing journey! They have given me the opportunity to be a part of big projects and experience the wonderful world of fashion.

Belmodo what? They have an online website Belmodo.tv and Belmodo Media. It is a fashion content house that collaborates with well-known brands. 

Let me take you on a little photo tour through my last 14 weeks:

Meet the lovely Belmodo interns!

My first Belmodo article.

My first Belmodo event.

My first Belmodo project with lovely Mrs. T. for T. LeClerc

B2U Deluxe: The Fashion Edition seminary.

Timberland #inmyelement event.

Belmodo x Triumph Shapewear shopping night.

Short trip to paris for press day La Redoute.

Belmodo interns @ fashion night Levis Ambiance House.

Meet the lovely Belmodo interns part II!

Academy show La Cambre.

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