Mirror sunglasses.

Last year I went on a road rip in the
south of France, Corse and Italy. 
When I discover a city I always love 
to visit...

Le Smoking.

As a woman I must say I’m totally
not into wearing dresses. I love to
break ordinary outfit rules and lately I w...

It's all about the details.

Women spend most of the time
thinking about little details they
could add to their outfit. Ladies 
think shoes, rings, ...

Unleash the tiger within.

Lately you can notice a lot of
animalistic influences in
streetwear. Just by walking in at
Zara you will remark differ...

Le bombers.

Ok I know when I say the bomber
jack the respons is often negative. 
And yes I also had to break through
the stereotype...


Finally sunshiny days are back. 
And yes I'm so ready for Summer! 
Enough rainy days I want to wear
my lovely summer...

Pow! Smack! Bang!

Not only in interior architecture
pop art is an upcoming trend but
also in fashion. Ever since the
emergence of pop ar...

La salopette.

Hello everyone! Good luck for the 
students who are studying, I can
feel your pain!;-) But the good news
is that summe...


Belgium? A little territory located
in Europe? Beer and fries? We may
be living in a little country but
there is a lo...

Fashionable Gatherings.

Festival season has finally
started. For me it’s the perfect
location to get some fashion

Where fashion meets music.

So The House Academy is an online
platform where fashion meets
music. That’s why a ‘THA’ member

Fashionable at WCD

Well hello folks! Hope you enjoyed
the weekend. Yesterday I had the
pleasure to attend the first fashionable...


Shoes are boring WEAR 
SNEAKERS: sounds the slogan of
Converse. For a few years now,
Converse has pretty much the mono...

Fashionable at Poplife

“Strike a pose Come on Vogue let
you body move to the music.” As 
predicted this edition of Po...

Fashionable Gathering 3

As the end of the summer
approaches it's time to enjoy the
time left. And what better way to
end it than ...

Fashionable Gathering 4

Perfect mix for a The House
Academy Fashionable Gathering: 
house music, fashionable people 
and a great locati...

Fashionable Gathering 5

For the fifth Fashionable
Gathering The House Academy
once had the pleasure to attend an 
unique event. After ...

Fashionable Gathering 7

Due to the success of the previous
H&M Fashionable Gathering The 
House Academy got invited to the 
“Belmodo 5...


Okay it’s official winter has begun. 
And what better way to start the
winter on a good note with a lovely
LN Bea..

Minimalistic Fantastic

“Minimalism is not a style. It is an
attitude, a way of being. It’s a
fundamental reaction against

Fashionable Gathering 8

 So Saturday it was time to meet
up with all the new editors from
'The House Academy' at Klub XIII 
in ...

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