Friday, July 18, 2014

THA Fashionable Gatherings #part2

Last summer in collaboration with The House Academy we launched Fashionable Gatherings...
For me there is nothing better than to get outfit inspirations during gatherings such as on festivals, rooftop parties, etc.

FG in one sentence: fashionable people, good music & quality first.

Last year I went with my camera to WECANDANCE, Poplife, Laundry Day, Rooftop, H&M and Belmodo 5 years. Here are some highlights of last year’s festivals:




You can find more pictures on the Urban Fashion Scenario Facebook page

Great news! The House Academy FG are back! You will be seeing my camera and me on several gatherings this summer. 
First in line is Butterfly Beats. So put on your most fashionable outfit & say cheese! 
You can read all the reports on

Thanks for reading!

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