Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pandora ring workshop

It’s holiday season, which means it’s the perfect time to prep up! My current jewellery crush is definitely stackable rings

During the pressdays (read the full report here) I discovered these beautiful pieces of Pandora. I must admit that I always link the brand with the charms. I was very happy to receive an invite for the Pandora ring workshop, so I could discover more about their collection.

Location of the workshop: PRemiumproject in Antwerp. After a warm welcome with some delicious treats they gave us more information about the rings. Did you know that every finger has its own significance? For example, wearing your ring at your thumb means freedom, the forefinger stands for ambition, the middle finger means responsibility, the little finger communication and of course the ring finger stands for love.

After the introduction it was time to pamper our fingers with a little beauty treatment. In the meanwhile we could get our jewellery cleaned up and mix & match our own favourite Pandora rings.

Still looking for a little gift? The rings are already available for less than 100,-. You should definitely stop by a Pandora shop or check the website and create your own ring combo.

PS: don’t forget to keep an eye on the UFS Facebook page. Who knows you might win one of these lovely must-have rings!;)

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