Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Healthy breakfast by Soy Dream Smooth

A good breakfast is an essential kick-start of the day…

Mine consists of Extra Crunchy Muesli Dark Chocolate and definitely a cup of black coffee. I always eat my cereal without adding toppings. Lately, I've been willing to change this habit due to delicious healthy breakfasts I’ve been spotting all over Instagram.

Thanks to Media Mania I was invited to the Soy Dream© Smooth breakfast at Pieter Loridon's coffee hotspot Maona living in Antwerp. Perfect occasion to try some new breakfast recipes!

Soy Dream© Smooth what?
Soy Dream© Smooth is a 100% organic blend of soy and rice with a mild flavour and does not contain added sugars. It is ideal for those who looking for gluten-free products without milk or lactose. You can choose between a wide range of flavours (vanilla, chocolate, almond hazelnut,…). The ingredients are produced by certified organic farmers.

Soy Dream© Smooth belongs to the Hain Celestial Company. They produce and distribute worldwide natural organic products. The whole range is very suitable for people with an active lifestyle, which despite all take enough time for themselves.

Conclusion: tested & approved. I am willing to change my breakfast habit! Want to see the result? Then check out my very own healthy breakfast Instagram post (@radeletceline).

You can find all the info on the Rice Dream© website and Facebook page.

Have a nice day!;)

Thanks for reading,

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