Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fashion Nights Part II

Fashion Nights was a bless! It was the most fashionable birthday ever! And what better gift can you get than the curly waves I always wanted. But most of all I enjoyed this experience. My job was to help with choosing the lingerie and swimwear. Thanks to I discovered the brands Aguaclara and Ellipse. One tip: visit the website and discover the beautiful lingerie and swimwear. By clicking on the link below you will the discover all the other brands who participated. I am already looking forward to part III! Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures ;-)!

Do you want an original t-shirt with a unique print?
Then you should definitely check the website of MyShirt!
Be different, think out of the box and buy your t-shirt on
My Shirt

Juicy Couture

The hype of 2012 the famous t-shirts with the mustache.You should definitely take a look at the rest of the collection!
Eleven Paris

Are you looking for a colorful summer outfit? Then you should definitely go to boutique Exacto!
Boutique Exacto
Bredabaan 558
2170 Merksem

This is me webshop

Urban Streetwear

Aguaclara Swimwear

Me and THEFABMACHINE looking fabulous backstage! Finally with the curly waves that I always wanted!

What did you think of the photographs and the collections?
Hopefully I'll see you next time on Fashion Nights!

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