Sunday, February 10, 2013

Morocco Travel Diary

2 weeks ago I went to visit my dad in Morocco. Finally I discovered his new house. I fell instantly in love with my new home.  As you can see on the pictures the house has a touch of vintage which I really love.

My dad has been living in Morocco for 11 years  and each year when I go to Casablanca I get surprised by the evolution in this city. 2 years ago the largest mall in Africa opened his doors: ‘Morocco mall’. I always go and check out Céline in Galeries Lafayette (by the way which one suits me better the Phantom or Trapeze?:-)) !

If you are in Casablanca and searching for a nice place to eat lunch, you should definitely go to ‘Le Blend’. 
They offer a wide range of delicious quality burgers. They recently opened in the center of Casablanca.
Another nice restaurant to visit is ‘Le Cabestan’.  They have a beautiful view on the ocean (more pictures).

What I also like about this country is the fact that welness is cheap.
So every time I go to Morocco a hammam and getting my nails done are always scheduled in my calendar.

Let me introduce to you the new member of the family: Largo. Our new dog.
The third day we went to the beach with the whole family for a picnic.

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