Friday, May 3, 2013

UFS Rally

 Lac de Genval

 Winning team most original picture: team camo
Discover the winning picure on UFS Facebook page

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven’t been posting a lot lately because I’ve been busy organizing the first edition of the UFS rally. 

Where did the idea came from?
Ever since I was little my dad had a passion for cars. I remember seeing pictures of my parents driving a beautiful oldtimer Porsche and I became more interested in cars.
Urban Fashion Scenario is about sharing my lifestyle and I think cars are a huge part in mine. 
A couple of years ago my dad bought a Mustang and had it rebuilt (it’s the black mat on the pictures). 
What I find fascinating is the way people act around oldtimers it’s like we’re all of a sudden child again. 
So for the first edition of the UFS rally I wanted to share this feeling with my friends and family. 
This is where Urban Fashion Scenario stands for;“Where fashion meets cars”.
It took me and my aunt a lot of time to organize the rally but the reactions were so satisfying that I’m considering to plan a second edition.

The concept
We started the day with a lovely brunch at Café 't Vliegveld which is a little airfield based in Grimbergen. The participants had to gather a team and choose a theme for their car.
As you can see on the pictures we had team Gourou, Ambiance, Rock n roll, Camo, Flying angels, Vintage, Safari, Les Bracks, Victoire Highland and The blonde & brunette. During the route the teams had to take an original picture. This rally was also a way to let my friends discover places I love.

I wanted to thank all the participants of the rally for the wonderful journey!
All the other people, hope to see you at the next edition!
Thanks for reading. You can find more pictures on the UFS Facebook page.

PS: I finally resolved the comment box problem. So feel free to share your opinions, thought and likes below;-).

I was wearing
Maison Scotch blazer - Scotch & Soda (Men at Work Antwerp)
Abercrombie & Fitch DIY ripped jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch
Red Vans shoes - Vans (Zalando)

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