Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Surfing has always been something I’ve wanted to learn.
When my dad announced that our first stop during the roadtrip was Dakhla I was very excited…

Dakhla is situated in the middle of the Western Saharian desert of Morocco and is one of the most beautiful kitesurfing destinations.
It is the perfect location to learn how to kite because of the 40 km long lagoon, that creates a daily wind of 20-25 knots, all year round.
The hotel we were staying at was Océan Vagabond.
It is located next to the lagoon and it consists of a restaurant, a nautical base, a surfshop and 29 bungalows.
I highly recommend it for people who want to learn how to kitesurf.
The only negative aspect are the lessons and rates because it is quite expensive. 

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