Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saint-Louis II Senegal.

It's been one week now that I'm home from my road trip and I am still enjoying the peace and quiet.
Someone on vacation told me a sentence I really love and think it's true: "Avec un avion on se déplace et en voiture on voyage."...

Hôtel de la Poste is nice to go for drinks.
If you want to eat I recommend La Résidence. 

When you travel by car it gives you the opportunity to discover a country.
I was really shocked how Senegal was polluted and it makes me sad to see how we are trying to solve our enviromental problems without thinking about these countries first.

Our first stop in Senegal was Saint-Louis. It is something you should definitely visit because of it's beautiful colonial architecture. First we visited a surroundig island in canoe after that we decided to take a carriage to visit the center of Saint-Louis.

Visiting Senegal is a life changing experience because you discover a different way of living.

Thanks for reading.

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