Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Le Kimmy'z

Every time I am going to Casablanca it seems that something new has opened. Recently my dad designed 4 new places...
 You have ‘Paris Paris’ which is a Parisian inspired cabaret where you can eat while watching live acts. In the same building you have the restaurant le ‘Bagatelle’ which is a typical épicerie. If you want something to drink and looking for a place to party there is the ‘Who’s’ club at the top.

The most recently launched is ‘Le Kimmy’z'. What is incredible about this place is the fact that it is a beautiful space during the day and also during the night. It is a restaurant where you can eat but also can taste different types of wine at the bar. The food is great and the decoration is très chaleureux. Definetly a place you should go grab a bite while you are in Casablanca.

Thanks for reading.
Bise, C.

Pictures © Céline Radelet

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