Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Iphone Case Addiction

One of my many addictions are iPhone accessories.
I just love the fact that every day you can change the outfit of your iPhone.
About two years ago I bought my first iPhone cover from Pauker.
I love his new collection, my favorite is "My other case is a CĂ©line"(very appopriate ;-p).

What I like about the new iPhone covers is that a lot of brands changed the traditional design.
Now your iPhone can be your personal little bear, bunny,...
My first little pet was the Rabito cover.
At first I was a little bit shy to show my iPhone because a lot of people had never seen this design before. (Yes sometimes I'm shy :d)
But now I take it everywhere with me. And I've noticed that a lot of people are getting the Rabito case.

During my roadtrip I went to Milan.
When we were shopping I saw a girl with a POP phone.
I had to have it! (Yeeup an addiction it is :d)

But now I have a new crush!!!!!

I'm afraid that I will never be able to kick from my iPhone addiction.
So are you also addicted?
Thanks for reading.
You can watch more pictures by clicking on the link below ("Read more")

My new crush.

My POP phone from Native Union.
If you want a POP phone I advise you to buy one from Native Union.
It's not very cheap but the quality is really good which is important.

 Rabito iPhone case
My friend her pet and mine.
Aren't they cute?
Also available at Men @ Work

Marc Jacobs iPhone cover

Pauker covers

I also love the birds nest cover that I spotted on GG
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